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The Grey Watches campaign follows the exploits of the members and retainers of a minor noble house in the Mountains of the Moon. The Grey Watches are the name of the mountains that dominant the landscape of the region and thus lend their name to the whole area. The starting date of the campaign is 276, canon can be assumed until that point.

Table of Contents
  • Game Rules
  • Cannon
  • Player Characters & House
  • Setting
  • Noble Houses
  • History

Game Rules

Despite a few disagreements with the rules, I am suppressing my natural urge to tinker with the system until issues crop up in play that require house-ruling. I reserve the right to revise the rules between sessions if something appears to need fixing. Presumably, any such rules wonkiness will be the subject of discussion before house-ruling. Characters whose effectiveness is significantly hampered by any rule changes will get a chance to make revisions to their character’s stats to compensate.

House creation has been altered so that population is used to purchase settlements. See details under Rules Changes.

Further alterations to the rules will be posted there as well.

Character Generation Summary

Characters are generated with the rules presented in the Song of Ice Rulebook taking into account any relevant errata.

Characters are not allowed to sell down an ability for more skill points. Sorry, you don’t get 50 free XP for nothing.

Characters who are required to take a flaw because of age may pick from the list of drawbacks instead. Anything remotely plausible should meet with GM approval.

Players will submit a brief character background that addresses any relevant history, motivations, loose ends, explanations of qualities (if necessary), or any other relevant information. In addition, I’d like some input on what you as a player want to see happen in the campaign. What I’m looking for in greater detail can be found on the Character Generation page.

Continuity & Cannon

Cannon, aside from minor alterations, is observed studiously until 276. The moment the campaign starts, nothing is written. While many events will likely unfold much the same as they did as written, they are not graven in stone and can be altered. The introduction of a slew of new characters, player and narrator character alike, virtually assure a divergence from canon.

Since the period before the books is detailed in bits and pieces through character recollections, and often times versions of history conflict, things get somewhat murky. I’ve pieced it together as best I was able. When details were not available, or I got sick of searching, I made something up.

Player Characters & Player House(s)

The Player’s House can be found here: Cahill

Their vassals, are the doughty house Gorham

The current characters are:

Marcus Cahill, Heir to the house, 20 years of age

Owen Cahill, second son, 18 years of age

Finn Cahill, third son, twin of Owen, 18 years of age

Tristan Cahill, cousin to the brothers, 20 years of age

Cormac Gorham, vassal of house Cahill, heir to house Gorham, 19 years of age


Houses will be sorted by region, if it becomes necessary.

Houses of the Grey Watches

Other Noble Houses

House Arryn

House Targaryen

List of all Noble Houses


As mentioned under the discussion of canon, time has progressed to 276 AL largely as discussed in the novels. I’ve constructed a timeline of the last hundred years or so with additions for regional history.

There is a run-down of the last couple of years in greater detail in Recent Events.

And the ongoing campaign can be followed via the Campaign Chronicle.

The Grey Watches

The Grey Watches are the common name for the Grey Watch Mountains, also known as Cyrdanor Kells, the name given to them by the First Men, that are part of the Mountains of the Moon. The Grey Watches dominate the landscape and thus also give their name to the region encompassing the North and South coasts of the Bay of Shards west of Longbow Hall and East of Heart’s Home. The region touches the northern edge of the Vale of Arryn, and houses whose lands abut the mountains are often included in the region.

The Grey Watch Mountains are also home to various Mountain Clans.


The area is typical of the Mountains of the Moon, high, stony peaks, which have areas covered with snow even in the depths of summer. Flat land is rare, though occasionally the rugged hills smooth out into plateaus. While the mountains are often inhospitable, the coastal region has areas of good soil, and the northern edge of the Vale of Arryn is remarkably fertile. The region is cut with many mountain streams. The Argent River flows into the western edge of the Bay of Shards.

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