Motto: The Heart of Valor

House Wythe are currently vassals of house Werth, though Wythe is the older house, founded in the years after the Vale swore fealty to the Targaryens. Wythe’s early history is filled with notable members who brought glory to the house. Ser Barwick Wythe was a renowned tourney knight and hero of many songs in the reign of Viserys I. A generation later, Ser Pallyn Wythe, who was well known at court as a writer of songs and occasional performer, became famous for his victory in a judicial duel, championing a foreign lady when none other would stand for her. Pallyn’s treatise on chivalry is one of the most modern distillations of the subject.

In recent years, however, Wythe’s fortunes declined. Perhaps inspired by their famous ancestors, Wythe produced a series of absentee lords whose poor choice of advisors led to a rapid decline in house fortunes. When the weakened house, under Lord Tolyn Wythe raised arms in a dispute with its newly ascendent neighbor house Werth. Lord Tolyn was killed in the fighting and complete disaster was only averted with a peace agreement sealed by vassalage and a marriage. For several decades, Wythe has prospered as a banner house under Werth, though they have not reached their former glory.

Maida Wythe, mother to Donnel, 49

Lord Donnel Wythe, 26

Corlyss Wythe, 28

Flora, daughter, 8

Tobyn, son, 5

Jalon, son, 2

Ser Parke Wythe, 23

Ser Barnett Stone, 33

Ser Sedran Stone, 26


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