Motto: The Mountains Sire Strength

Werth is a recently raised house, founded to replace losses in the northern Vale of Arryn after the carnage of the Blackfyre Rebellion. Ser Jarden Werth was a staunch support of the Targaryens whose valor in battle, he led the attack that crushed the Vale Rebels at the battle of Gray Lake, gained him his lordship. The intervening years have been quiet ones for Werth, who have slowly expanded their holdings on the Vale Side of the Old Rock Mountain range. Their lands are at the northern edge of the fertile Vale of Arryn and they produce an abundance of crops each growing season.

Recently, the house has gained a somewhat scandalous reputation, mainly for the exploits of its current head Lord Fenton Werth, who has sired a number of children not of his lady wife. A known carouser, overfond of food, drink, and young women, Fenton has slowed down a little in his later years. He has recognized many of his bastards and welcomed them into the fold after his wife’s passing. For all his indiscretions, Fenton has been a steady head of his house, though now he is surrendering more and more autonomy to his eldest, legitimate son, Jervis.

Household Members

Fenton Werth, 57

Jervis Werth, 31

Alhana Werth, wife of Jervis, 23 (of house Gorham)

Denton, son, 6

Elsa, daughter, 3

Ser Adney Werth, 25

Ser Folk Stone, 23

Haiden Werth, daughter, 22

Lisette Stone, daughter, 19

Furman Stone, son, 17

Septon Engris Stavell

Maester Leander


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