Motto: Strong and Faithful

Unwyn is not a noble house but the family name of a landed knight who holds dominion over the Black Pine Tower and the small community nearby that harvests and prepares wood from the forest. Small enclaves along the coast rely on the Tower for protection, but the coast is long and forces are often stretched thing along the northwestern bank of the bay.

Ser Hendry is the first Unwyn to hold the land, but hopes that his eldest son will be granted dominion over it. Hendry is in his early fifties, has four surviving children and has outlived two wives. He has lost some of his vigor and prowess to the passing years, but is still rather robust for his age. He is currently concerned with finding a wife for his eldest son, Lorimer, who is well past the age that he should marry.

Ser Hendry Unwyn, 52

Ser Lorimer, son, 24

Emalee, daughter, 21

Parras, son, 15

Harreck, son 13


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