Motto: The Sky is Untamed

Torston is an ancient house, able to trace its bloodlines into the Age of Heroes. And while it has endured for so long, it has been a star-crossed house since the Andal Invasion, plagued by scandal, madness, and poor judgment. House Torston claims many mythic ancestors, but few famous Torstons exist after the coming of the Andals. The most well known recent ancestors are of dubious fame. Gerris Torston, whose madness was responsible for many wasteful, gaudy ventures such as the ill fated Great Fleet and the crumbling Sky Tower, who threw himself to his death during the Blackfyre Rebellion because he could not decide who to side with. The second is Tanton Torston, who is believed to have treacherously murdered his way to his post as head of the house. While Tanton was likely a kinslayer, he was also an effective leader, and was able to halt the long decline of the house.

The current leader of the house is Lord Tavien Torston, who inherited the house with the death of his elder brother in a hunting accident several years ago. Tavien was recalled from service to a minor house outside King’s Landing to take the mantle of lordship. He is a learned and pleasant man, but he is capable of great violence and ruthlessness in the defense of his house‚Äôs interests. Most recently it was the young heir of Torston, Ser Nolan, who defeated a group of Tyroshi pirates that had been plaguing the area.

Household Members

Lord Tavien Torston, 39

Lady Glenna Torston, 37

Ser Nolan Torston, Son, 20

Laina, daughter, 17

Levyn Torston, cousin, 21

Olthea Torston, cousin, 16

Ser Neil Lorcan, sworn sword, 28

Anacleto Berrio, Tyroshi sworn sword, 31


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