Motto: To Live is to Conquer

Founded nearly 1,000 years ago when Averen Sharden was raised to lordship for his valor at Battle of Gates, house Sharden slowly solidified its position. The house was nearly destroyed by the infamous Garryn Red Hands, whose paranoia led him to murder guests and war with other houses. The house returned to prominence with Wilfryd Sharden, who one the Tourney of the Vale and held the Silver Gate against all comers. Since then, the house has had middling fortunes.

The house seemed to be on the rise recently, but a tragic accident at sea cost the house its young heir, Macen, and the Lady Dorna. In the years since, Lord Garhard, has begun to seek a new wife, while also seeking to secure the house’s future through a match with his daughter Nevsa, who is considered one of the more desirable marriage-able ladies in the region.

Their stronghold, Shatterstone, is built on the ruins of an ancient castle.

Lord Garhard Sharden, 39,

Nevsa, daughter, 18

Maester Rudolphus, 57

Ser Rowan Hanran, 27

Ser Niles Stone, 24

Ser Ulton Wilts, 44


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