Motto: Glory Comes From Virtue

House Royland was founded nearly five centuries ago and have seen a pattern of rise and fall of their fortunes over the years. Founded as part of a campaign against the mountain clans, Lord Sendry Royland was vigorous builder and defender of the Vale. The most famous Royland was Lord Parnell Royland, who moved quickly to assault the fortress of True Gate, the ancestral home of House Markel during the Blackfyre rebellion. The attack helped to bottle up the rebels in the north, but it was considered unnecessary because the Markels had not joined with the Blackfyres. The dispute lasts until this day, with both sides adamant in their positions. Since that time, the Roylands and the Markels fates seem to be intertwined in a rivalry that often leads to bloodshed.

Lord Swinton Royland has overseen an era of growth and prosperity in his lands. His son, Lindell, has recently married Amara Cressy after several several protracted marriage negotiations and both houses seemed pleased with the match. While disputes with house Markel still simmer, there is some hope that some peaceable agreement can be reached.

Household Members

Swinton Royland, 47

Madalyn, wife, 41

Lindell, heir, 24

Amara, Lindell’s wife, 19

Reynold, son, 20

Pearce, son, 16

Ser Bordyn Cressy, 22


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