Recent Events


Bloodsky’s War. A fearsome warleader called Nantas Bloodsky unites many of the Grim Faces in a large scale raid. After a series of brutal attacks on the pass between Markel and Evered, the forces melt into the mountains, to reappear between Evered and Jevon, ravaging the countryside and sacking the town of Tavinale.

Jevon’s garrison is routed and flees to the keep where it is believed Master-at-Arms Ser Haltor Shayne is killed on Lady Tessa’s orders (though others claim he died of wounds received at Tavinale). Lord Malvin Evered rides north, Lord Dalt Marsden rides from the West, while Barden Jevon rallies his forces. Lord Marsden misunderstands a message from Lord Malvin and immediately assaults the town. The forces of Evered and Jevon enter the battle are committed piecemeal and cannot land a final hammer blow.

The trapped clansmen fight fiercely, and some manage to breakout and flee to the mountains. Ser Martyn Graydon slays Nantas Bloodsky, but admits the clansman had been badly injured prior to facing him. Dalt Marsden and his eldest son are killed, and Malvin Evered receives a serious wound.

Lost Heir. Macen Sharden, the young heir to the Sharden family drowns when his ship is lost during a freak storm on the Bay of Shards.


Reprisal Raid.Lady Tessa Jevon leads a war party into the mountains to chastise clansmen for their raids. The party returns after three skirmishes with none of their own killed calling Tessa “The Lady of Steel and Stone.”

Piracy in the Bay. Pirate attacks have been increasing slowly over the last few years, and Tyroshi Pirates from across the Narrow Sea are becoming a common sight. Many lords receive rebated taxes in order to outfit ships.

Torston Succession. Tanton Torston dies in 273, at the age of 62. His first son succeeds him, but is killed while hunting only months later. Tanton’s second son, Tavien, succeeds him.


The Battle of South Bay. Pirate raids at an all time high. While many pirates are Tyroshi, identifiable by their distinctive, dyed forkbeards, many other ships are polygot crews. A small fleet of pirate ships cruise the inner Bay and skirmish with ships of Durell and their banners before sailing away.

Later in the year, the flotilla lands and sacks South Bay a holding of the Daylan family. The pirates loot the town and destroy the Sentinel’s Spear, the tower guarding the town. Gedran Daylan dithers, and makes only tentative attacks to drive them out. When a raven arrives from house Torston, Gedran enters negotiations with the pirates for tribute, but manages to stall the talks until forces under Ser Nolan Torston arrive, capture several pirate ships, then land and aniniliate the remaining pirate forces between themselves and Gedran Daylan’s forces.

The Gallant Rescue. Clansmen ambush a party traveling westward on the Coast Road. Taken captive are Ser Thorton Banning, Lady Ashlyn Archay, and Lady Murielle Bywater. Two days behind the party, Ser Fedric Evered leads a handful of retainers into clan territory in pursuit. They track and put to rout a much larger force of clansmen and rescue the prisoners, though Ser Thorton is badly injured. The party is now taking its rest at Boldstone, the seat of house Evered.

Court gossip quickly links both the young ladies romantically to Ser Fedric.

Recent Events

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