Motto: Strength Yields to Strength

Established in the years after Aegon’s conquest by Edmyr Radley, a knight who rallied to the support of the early Targaryens and served with great distinction, house Radley has had a largely quiet past. The house was nearly destroyed one-hundred years ago when the lord, Berrick, was killed in a tourney mishap leaving his sickly infant son as the heir. Internal strife and squabbling crippled the house for the next decade, keeping them off stage during the Blackfyre Rebellion. The house was eventually stablilized when a distant cousin, Faldon Radley, rose to the head of the house.

Rebuilt slowly over the last seventy years, the house has never quite recovered its prominence from the power struggles of the past. The lands, while extensive have just begun to regain productivity. Lord Avery Radley and his late brother Edverd were a solid administrators, and while Edverd was a master at finding coin, he was mistrusted by many in the Grey Watches. After his death, Avery became an adept diplomat and Radley asserted itself more in the politics of the region. In the last several years, however, Lord Avery has been seen less and less, with his son, Ser Landan, taking a more prominent role of leadership in the house.

The house has recently seen the return of Ser Eldon Radley, the son of Edverd, from his adventures throughout the Seven Kingdoms and Across the Narrow Sea.

Lord Avery Radley, 52

Lady Maeve Radley, 48

Ser Landan, son, 30

Udelle Landan, wife of Landan, 26

Harlene, daughter of Landan, 9

Alvon, son of Landan, 6

Bardon, son of Landan, 2

Corlyss Wythe, daughter, 28, married to Donnel Wythe.

Ethelyn Tollet, daughter, 25, married to Harald Tollett.

Ser Eldon Radley, cousin, 24

Ser Waldron Stone, son, 27

Renato Vasco, mercenary captain, 31

Ser Stearn Tollet, 37, Master-at-Arms

Lysander Dell, 19, sworn sword


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