Other Noble Houses

This page will collect noble houses that are outside of the Grey Watches.

Notable Houses of the Vale

House Belmore of Strongsong.

House Borrell of Sweetsister. Sweetsister is one of the trio of islands called the Three Sisters that lie northwest of the Fingers.

House Corbray of Heart’s Home.

House Egen. Their motto is By Day or Night. This is the House of Vardis Egen, who serves in Jon Arryn’s house guard.

House Grafton of Gulltown. Led by Gerold Grafton.

House Hersy of Newkeep.

House Hunter of Longbow Hall, led by Lord Eon Hunter.

House Melcolm of Old Anchor. Old anchor is located across the bay from Runestone to the northwest.

House Redfort of Redfort. An ancient family descended from the First Men, it is led by the Lord Horton Redfort. Their motto is As Strong as Stone. Horton has three young sons: Jasper, Creighton, and Jon.

House Royce. A powerful ancient house descended from the First Men, led by the young Lord Yohn Royce. Yohn’s cousin, Nestor Royce serves as a member of Jon Arryn’s house guard.

House Waynwood of Ironoaks Castle. Lord Waynwood and his wife Anya have one son, Morton. Ironoaks Castle is located west of Old Anchor, south of the Vale.

Other Noble Houses

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