Motto: Rewards are Taken

House Mundy is an isolated house on the rocky edge of the northeastern coast of the bay. They have been plagued by pirate raiders since their inception. Lord Lowden Mundy was infamous for making deals with pirates and giving them a safe haven in return for immunity from their raids. Nowadays, the current lord, Odran Mundy, is seeking reestablish the house’s good name, but he is facing many challenges. His lands are small and often very harsh. However, Odran has managed to create a fair amount of income from extensive trading ventures. However, much of the houses money goes to hire mercenaries to defend it and meet its obligations to protect the shore. Many lords complain that Mundy has not changed its ways as the mercenaries it hires are the same pirates that raid the coast.

Odran Mundy recently lost his wife to an illness and is seeking to make a second match.

Household Members

Odran Mundy, 28

Oren, son, 7

Ser Gylden Trant

Ser Perrick Stone

Ser Rimario Sandry


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