Marshal of the Grey Watches

This is cribbed from the email and hasn’t been formatted or edited properly, due in large part to the extreme laziness of the GM.

Some notes regarding the position o Marshal of the Grey Watches follow, but first a couple of upcoming issues that will no doubt affect the Marshal:

J.A. will announce that he will revoke the grant of lordship to Odran Mundy and declare him an outlaw. Mundy will have to be forcibly removed as he will no doubt resist, and try to petition King Aerys to hear his case… with the current situation, that’s just a way to bide for time but a potentially effective one. So the quick removal of Mundy would be ideal, lest somebody in King’s Landing (or somewhere else) gets the notion that this is an opportunity to mess in the affairs of the Vale. So a swift, decisive resolution to the Mundy situation is ideal. There’s probably not a large interest anywhere in meddling, but there’s no reason to invite trouble. And, it will reflect better on Lord Arryn if this lord is brought to heel quickly.

J.A. will seperately have to appoint (or recognize) a commander of the fleet / expedition to the Step Stones. (If he authorizes the expedition, he [and thus the Marshal] gains some ownership / authority over it at the minor expense of giving such a leader some cachet and perhaps some money / tax remittance). The fleet will be authorized with a sanction or charter to “combat piracy and take the war to the pirate havens of the Stepstones and so-called Pirate King. To depose, destroy, or capture the pirates and prevent their current settlements to be used for future raiding” Which will allow some wiggle room for the expedition to be repurposed as needed locally (ahem, cough, cough). Neither He, nor the Marshal will have direct control over the expedition, but his word will have weight. So, flinging them at Mundy would be possible, but the army / fleet would need to retain its cohesion and strength in order to execute its prime directive in the Stepstones (or else the leader / backers will lose face and honor for failing to do the thing they were actually supposed to do). So they can’t be completely chewed up—I suspect some intrigues or negotiations will occur. Leadership of such an assemblage of adventurers is sort of a title without too much enforce-able power as the leader won’t exercise direct control of his subordinates as they will be made up of a lot of peers, so it’ll be a bit of a mess (think of a Christian army of the Crusades for a real-life historical equivalent). Getting this expedition to go after Mundy would be an intrigue with the leader to convince him (with separate discussions/ intrigues possible with other nobles in command of large components of the force). Alternately, a separate force could be raised / called to go after Mundy (getting shps might be the toughest issue if both expeditions go). Though cherry-picking individual commanders (and their units) from the Stepstones Expedition could possibly work as well.

Essentially Jon wants the Stepstones Expedition to go off and be successful. He wants Mundy taken out as well. He wants these to be distinct actions (at least on paper) but he wants them both to go down, so one shouldn’t imperil the other, so the risk to the Stepstones force should be minimized as much as possible if (and when) it is (temporarily) diverted.

Also, Jon Arryn plans to settle the matter of the disputed mine between the Torston and Cahill lands before appointing a Marshal (his methodology for this is detailed a bit below).

Expectations for the conduct of a Marshal of the Mountains of the Moon (General Guidelines and rules, etc.)

In all actions comport oneself as the representative of the Eyrie, of house Arryn, and the Lord Paramount of the East

Seek always to uphold honor, law, and justice

Ensure the prosperity of the lands and people [trans. ensure taxes get to the Eyrie’s coffers]

Do not use the position for the agrandizement of one’s own house or family, or to revenge oneself against rivals or other houses.

Treat all with honor, fairness and wisdom.

Rule justly and wisely on any and all grievances brought before the Marshal by houses in the Grey Watches. The Marshal will hear any case brought before him by any man of quality and rule on it in an expediant manner. The Marshal will enforce the rulings as if they were the dictates of the Lord of the Eyrie. The Marshal will report all rulings for review to the Lord of the Eyrie. (Arryn will divert appeals to him by lords of the GW to the Marshal to rule on, if they are not brought directly to the Marshal, and JA expects the Marshal to deal with these issues, grievances and what have you, so he doesn’t have to).

Continue to keep clan marauders from threatening the smallfolk or settlements of the region by whatever means are necessary and lawful.

Uphold the laws and soveriegnty of the Lord of the Eyrie, and the King of the Seven Kingdoms. (The Marshal is JA’s troubleshooter / point-man in the region and is expected to deal with stuff, put out fires, stop fires from igniting, etc. so they don’t trouble the Eyrie).

Powers of the Marshal, and methods of redress against the Marshal:

The Marshal May

-Call Banners in the name of the Lord of the Eyrie if there is a threat to the peace and safety of the region. The Marshal is responsible for any expenses for the upkeep of the army and for payment beyond the standard service of forces, and may request recompense from his Lord Paramount for any reasonable amount. (Any forces called are required to have the ability to support themselves under their feudal contract—arms, food, etc. but not for a long campaign).

-Speak with the voice of the the Lord of the Eyrie in any grievance brought before them for adjudication in their role as Marshal.

-Speak with the Voice of the Lord of the Eyrie in any matter specifically directed by the Lord of the Eyrie.

-Act in the best interests of the Lord of the Eyrie, and thus speak in his name. The Marshal may intervene and render judgement in matters or disputes that are not brought before him in court if they pose a clear danger to the prosperity and stability of the region.

-The Marshal shall collect the taxes due to the Lord of the Eyrie and arrange for their transportation and safe arrival at the Eyrie.

Should the Marshal prove deficient, or lacking, the Lord of the Eyrie may revoke the title of Marshal before the period of appointment has run its course if he feels the Marshal has not lived up to his mandate.

If the Marshal’s actions are objectionable to his peers, a collection of Lords Declarent may appeal to the Lord of the Eyrie for redress. Such lords must be men of sufficient quality and quantity to give weight to their claims. The Lord of the Eyrie will consider their claims and will strip the Marshal of his title should misuse of the powers be evident.

OK here’s the Specific goals Jon Arryn has for the Marshal of the Grey Watches (essentially, the “you have to agree to handle things this way” stuff):

Specific goals of the Marshal of the Grey Watches

-Appoint a steward for the disputed mine. The mine between Cahill and Torston lands should be under the stewardship of the most capable and honorable house (it needn’t be Cahill or Torston) with its proceeds, after costs, being sent to the coffers of the Eyrie. Ownership of the mine will be determined at a later date by the Lord of the Eyrie. (Essentially somebody needs to be picked to run the mine with the money, beyond any reasonable operating expenses, to be going to the Eyrie. That is, JA believes that you guys won’t fight over the mine if it’s his mine, at least for now. And he’s unwilling to let the Marshal rule on the the ownership of the Mine, since his choice for Marshal probably has a vested interest in control of the mine—so if you want to make a play for the mine, you can’t also make a play for the Marshal position).

-Bring an end to the Royland and Markel feud, preferably without further bloodshed. (JA has no specific way this needs to be accomplished, he would simply like it settled without a bloodbath or the elimination of one of the houses, if at all possible).

-Make the Bay of Shards safe from pirates and robbers, and safe for trade

-Oversee a campaign against the outlaw lord, Odran Mundy, to remove him from his illegal occupation of Iron Point and, if possible, to capture him and bring him to the Eyrie for judgment. The exact means of doing so are left to the Marshal. The Marshal must also appoint a regent of the lands formerly held by House Mundy to safeguard the lands and young children of House Mundy and to see to their rearing and education. The Marshal may declare anyone of sufficient status as regent (Status 4 or higher). This appointment must be approved by a council of lords consisting of the Marshal, Cahill, Torston, Daylan, Sharden, Durell, Galway, Marsden, and Allard (the Seaward Lords of the Grey Watches)

-Resolve the dispute between house Galway and House Marsden regarding their borders, preferably without further bloodshed or the need of calling banners to war.

Werth succession turmoil rule on as law, custom and reason dictates, intervention is permitted if it is deemed appropriate (capturing maester Leander so that he may be thoroughly questioned and returned to King’s Landing for punishment would be ideal, but may not be possible, and thus is left to the Marshal to decide). Confirming the succession of the house and appointing any regents (as / if needed), with approval of a council of lords.

Locate and capture anyone claiming blood relation or allegiance to the traitor-house Blackfyre through any means possible. (obviously, Jon Arryn would prefer this to be done subtley and without inflaming passions, hatreds or rivalries, or causing the outbreak of war, but that may be unavoidable…) If war does break out, the conflict will be pursued vigorously- those houses siding with any Blackfyre issue are traitors to the realm and should be dealt with accordingly.

- Support the Expedition to the Stepstones and assist in its success in anyway that is reasonable.

Marshal of the Grey Watches

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