Motto: Wisdom is a Sword

Founded over 800 years ago in an effort to exploit the coastal region, the house Marsden has had an up and down history. While their lands turned out to be marshy and the coastal areas too shallow for a large port, house Marsden has clawed its way to prosperity. Peldon Marsh will never be a trading port, but the little fishing village has grown into a town of productive fishing and farming, that boasts its own Sept. House Marsden has had a largely quiet history, it is most famous for an early ancestor, Rodas Marsden, who was beheaded for seducing a daughter of King Arryn in an episode still retold today by bards and mummers as both a romantic tragedy and a uproarious farce. The rest of the Marsdens have stay out of the songs of bards or the history of great and evil men.

The current lord, Lyron Marsden, is a man of unquestionable talent, who took the reins of power after his father and brother were killed in the bloody battle of Tavenale. Remembered primarily for his good showing in the Aerie Tourney several years ago, he has proven to be an excellent steward as the house has flourished after his unexpected ascent to lordship. A serious man, Lyron appears pleased with his new wife, Idalis, a lady from a house Bronsin located along the eastern Argent River. While he lacks many family members to support him, he has attracted many young knights to his banner.

Household Members

Lord Lyron Marsden, 25

Lady Idalis, wife of Lyron, 20

Ser Delwyn Falds

Ser Kern Bronsin, brother-in-law to Lyron

Ser Wyllen Stone

Ser Naldo Pilar

Lady Orenda Stone (Marsden), half sister, 18, missing

Lady Johanna Alsden, cousin, 16

Septon Leston


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