Motto: Ever Vigilant

House Markel is over four hundred years old. Founded when Ser Garth Markel was raised to the nobility for his long and valorous service to King Jedric Arryn, house Markel eventually became the wardens of the True Gate that guards the southern pass through the Gray Watch Mountains. House Markel has had a quiet past, producing a few notable warriors such as Ser Valdan Markel who was a renowned tourney knight in the early years of the Targaryen dynasty, and Lord Kay Markel, Scourge of the Clans, who won numerous victories over the clansmen. During the Blackfyre Rebellion, however, Lord Medlen Markel dithered, failing to pick a side or even prepare for battle, when Lord Parnell Royland seized True Gate for the Targaryen loyalists. The Markels did not recover their lands for almost three decades. Since the conflict, the two houses have been bitter rivals.

Armand Markel was the second son, but rose to the lordship when his elder brother was killed in the Stepstones during the War of the Ninepenny Kings. A reluctant lord, he has nevertheless led the house ably and is looking forward to his son Garnett finding a wife and taking the lordly mantle. Currently, the house is still in disputes with house Royland, mainly over brigands and clansmen who infest the area between their lands. Both sides accuse the other of being lax about patrolling the area. Still, there is momentum for a negotiated settlement between the houses.

Household Members

Armand Markel, 48

Rosanna Markel, 43

Garnett, heir, 21

Severna, daughter, 16

Emelia, daughter, 14

Ser Vergil Markel, brother, 42

Ser Quentin Renshaw, 22


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