Motto: Sing with Steel

Founded in the years of Aegon’s Conquest by Ser Demmick Jevon, known as the Dem the Cruel. While considered by all a villain of the blackest motivations, Ser Demmick’s usurpation coincided with both the upheaval of Aegon’s Conquest and a period of aggressive, large scale raiding by the Mountain Clans. The newly formed house Jevon proved stalwart defenders of the Vale against the Mountain clans and useful vassals of House Arryn. Despite their infamous ancestor, in successive years house Jevon quietly consolidated their position.

Recently, Lord Barden Jevon died after a long illness, but he had long since given up the administration of the house to his lady wife, Tessa. Despite having a stable of capable advisors, few doubt that Lady Tessa exerts near total control over the house. The Lady of Stone and Steel is believed to have led forces to victory in battle with clansmen recently, supposedly after her disgust with the near debacle at Tavinale. Despite recent troubles, Jevon has managed to weather the storm and remained steady and prosperous. Lady Tessa may seek a new husband, but has shown little enough interest thus far, concentrating on finding good matches for her children.

Household Members

Lady Tessa Jevon “Lady of Stone and Steel” 39

Tansy, daughter, 21

Lorena, daughter, 19

Oswald, heir, 16

Avalina, daughter, 14

Ser Nigel Graydon, 40

Ser Gregson Nowles, 27


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