House Arryn

House Arryn and the Court of the Eyrie (ca 276 AL)

Lord Jon Arryn, Lord Paramount, Lord of the Eyrie, Warden of the East and Defender of the Vale

Lady Rowena Arryn, his wife

Maester Colemon

Robert Baratheon, Lord Arryn’s squire, fosterling from House Baratheon, first son and heir of

Eddard Stark, Lord Arryn’s squire, fosterling from House Stark, second son of Rickard Stark

Ser Elbert Arryn, Knight of the Gate, Heir to the Eyrie, Castellan of the Bloody Gate, nephew to Jon Arryn

Ser Denys Arryn, famous knight, “The Darling of the Vale”, husband of Jon Arryn’s niece, member of the Arryn House Guard

Ser Malden Egen, Captain of the house Guard

Ser Vardis Egen, Knight of the Vale, member of the house guard

House Arryn

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