Banner house to House Galway.

Motto: Strong Arm, Stout Heart

A newly raised house, Garren Harkin is only the second to hold the title Lord Harkin. Since their inception, they have been bannermen to House Galway and relations between the houses have been excellent. The first Lady Harkin, Collina, was a daughter of Galway. Harkin’s post is to patrol Myric’s Rush and the Low Pass. While the Low Pass has not been truly passable for a thousand years, the forested area crisscrossed by streams and creeks is a haven for brigands and outlaws.

Garren Harkin, while young, has many advisors and has shown thusfar to be an industrious and active ruler. While he was an unremarkable youth, it is widely believed he is growing into his position. Finding a wife for the young heir is a most pressing matter that his lady mother is pursuing.

Household Members

Lady Colina Harkin, mother, 39

Garren Harkin, 21

Wymond, brother, 18

Kiera, sister, 17

Ser Telford Vance, 27


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