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Never Broken

The earliest details of the house are a little murky. The original Lord Gorham was a hedge knight or some say a mercenary who covered himself in a certain amount of glory around the time of Aegon’s conquest. Some say the knight won an important Tourney or the merc commanded a decisive victory against the clans. He was given a patch of rock, Gorham’s Crag. For years the crag has stood as a wedge keeping the clans from over running key points of interest in the Vale.

Early in their history the Crag was broken and briefly taken by a mighty clan. This shame moved the small house to revenge. They clung to makeshift hold fasts and used their knowledge of the mountains to wage a guerrilla war against the clan, terrorizing and eventually winning they ancestral fortress back. They razed the hall and built a small stone castle that remains to this day (the ruins are of this original hall). Since then they have broken two entire clans on the rock (represented by the 2 favors) and have made a name for themselves as a Martial power.

However, the recent years have not been kind to house Gorham. The clans have gained a foothold in the nearby regions and have been hammering the crag mercilessly. The smallfolk are hearty but are beginning to despair. The house coffers are nearly spent and the lord must seek a powerful alliance to stay afloat. His eldest son, Cormac, a promising warrior lacks the social skills and grace needed to make a good match. All recent attempts to marry him to a more powerful family have gone disastrously. His younger sister, Brigit, is coming of age but seems to take after her brother. His older sister, Alhana, is already married to Jason, heir to house Werth, but little has come of it.

Lord Bedwyr hopes that by spending time away from the constant onslaught of the clans among the more civilized heirs of the Liege lord young Cormac might learn some valuable skills.

House Members and Retainers

Bedwyr Gorham, 44

Miriam, wife, from house Staunton (outside of King’s Landing), 39

Cormac Gorham, heir, 19

Alhana Werth, daughter, married to Jason Werth, 22

Brigit Gorham, daughter, 14

Ser Durand Horinholt, 38, master-of-arms

Ser Othren Stone, 25, sworn sword

Devon Gorham, brother of Bedwyr, deceased


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