Motto: Stone, Sky, Sea

House Galway was founded in the aftermath of the Blackfyre Rebellion, from a knight Ser Jon Galway who fought with tenacity and honor against the rebellious lords of the Vale. Raised to the landed nobility and given Proudstone, the former seat of the Stockton family who were destroyed in the fighting, Jon Galway set about rebuilding and improving the lands. The family has seen its fortunes rise in the decades since its founding. The house has a mild rivalry with house Marsden, as each competes for the trickle of trade that does not go to the major ports.

The village of Lost Water has grown despite the difficult seaward approaches under the shrewd stewardship of Lord Ulmer Galway who has thoughtfully guided the house for over two decades, first as protector of his sickly nephew, than has Lord in his own right. His own son, Ser Kerban Galway, has proven himself a rising star on the tourney field and the courts of the Grey Watches. Most predict great things for the young Kerban, and eagerly await the exploits of his younger brothers.

Household Members

Lord Ulmer Galway, 44

Lady Meghan Galway, 39

Ser Kerban Galway, 19

Kellen, 17

Keyan, 14

Maester Corbin, 64

Septon Nedrin

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