Motto: Answer the Call

House Evered was founded upon the ashes of the destruction of House Terrick, who were all but destroyed by an attack by raiders of the Grim Faces clan during the confusion of the Blackfyre Rebellion. Ser Petyr Evered married the sole surviving Terrick, Marta, and sought to rebuild the defenses at the northern end of the Great Vale Road. The house hung on, maintaining the small castle of Boldstone and keeping the road South clear, but never able to recapture the prominence of house Terrick. Recently, however, Ser Fedric Evered, led a raid into clan territory that routed a large group of raiders and rescued several hostages, including Lady Ashlyn Archay, whom is now linked to the dashing Ser Fedric in most courtly gossip.

Lord Malvin Evered rules over the house, grooming his son, Fedric, to take his place. Fedric seems more inclined towards the life of an adventurous knight than as the lord of Boldstone, but such an attitude is expected in the young. Malvin received a painful wound at the battle of Tavinale that still troubles him at times, but he manages well enough. He has seen his eldest daughter married well to a lord along the Swiftstone River, leaving him two daughters, whose need for husbands occupies much of his time and energy.

Household Members

Malvin Evered, 52

Oryla Evered, daughter, 21

Fedric Evered, son, heir, 19

Hollyn Evered, daughter, 17

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