Motto: Fear is for Prey

Long one of the most powerful and influential houses in the Bay of Shards area, house Durell can trace its founding back nearly a thousand years, to the famous hero Ser James Durell, who was reputed to be one of the finest knights of his time, and the champion to King Peter Arryn. Another famous member of the house is Cordan Durell, famed both for his bouts of madness and his timely arrival at the battle of the Black Morning, where his forces drove the clansmen from the field. Remembered now as a tragic figure whose brilliance was sabatoged by his fragile mind, many contemporary stories describe him as nothing but a brutal villain.

Sitting near the western edge of the North Bay, the Durells oversee the town of Elling, the site of a large settlement since the time of the First Men. These days, Elling is a hub of trading, handling goods continuing up the Argent or items going eastward, Elling is a busy port city. Castle Stalwart oversees the town and is said to have never fallen since the First Men fell to the Andal invaders. The lands surrounding the town are suitable for farming and produce adequately, but the soil is not as fertile as the Vale far South, or the river valley to the West.

The house’s traditional rivalry with the house Corbray of Heart’s Home to the West, has cooled in recent years, but still simmers. Lord Innis Durell has outlived several of his children and is still a formidable man, though many believe his wife, Lady Keyara, is the brains behind the house. Ser Gannon Durell is the heir to the house and his wife is currently with child.

Household Members

Lord Innis Durell, 54

Lady Keyara, 48

Gannon, heir, 25

Margaret, wife of Gannon, 19

Edain, daughter, 20

Wystan, Son, 18

Cindra, daughter, 16


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