Daylan is a minor house in the Grey Watches.

Motto: Strength Shows the Way

Daylan is an old house, dating back nearly 900 years. The house was founded when Ser Bryce Daylan was raised to lordship for his long and glorious service as a household knight to King Arryn. Famed both for his exploits on the tourney field as well as in battle, Ser Bryce is best known as the hero of the song “The Last Griffin King.” The house passed the years quietly until the Blackfyre rebellion, when rebellious lords converged on Daylan lands and nearly wiped out the house. Decades of rebuilding have seen the house return to prosperity, but a recent raid by Tyroshi pirates sacked the town of South Bay and destroyed the defensive tower, Stonespear.

Gedran Daylan has always been a capable administrator and a middling warrior though age has seemingly robbed him of much of his vitality. Never a man to speak or act without thinking, his caution is as much a curse as a blessing. His second wife, Sybella, is from a minor house near King’s Landing. She is much Gedran’s opposite, energetic and irrepressible. She is the mother of Gedran’s sole heir, Torence, who is a quiet, but otherwise takes after his mother.

House Members

Gedran Daylan, 43

Sybella, 2nd wife, 33

Torence, heir, 17,

Darren, cousin, 16

Ser Steffan Clust, 29

Maester Anderas

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