Character Generation

Character Generation follows the rules laid out in the SIF core rulebook.

Characters may not lower an attribute to gain additional build points. Sorry.

Characters may buy up to four benefits at character creation.

Any character types or builds will be considered as long as they make sense, can work with the concepts of the group, and will add something to the game.

Aside from ability ranks and qualities that make some manner of sense I need some manner of background / sketch / list of bullet points that gives me some insight into the character’s conduct, motivation, and potential story lines.

What makes your character tick? Goals, personality foibles or flaws, vices, strongly held beliefs, mannerisms, virtues etc. Some of these may take the forms of benefits or flaws, but most won’t. Any unresolved plots from the past? Rivals, enemies, lovers, strange prophecies, vows, bastard children, or other baggage that your character arrives in play with?

I don’t need a huge background / character history. More or less a quick rundown highlighting the important bits. If you want to write something more complex up, go nuts. I’ll read it. Be nice, though. If you write a story, especially if it’s complicated or involved, give me a rundown anyway so I don’t misinterpret what you’re trying to tell me.

A basic physical description of your character, his most obvious personalities traits (really a couple of adjectives that describe him) and anything else his immediate family would know would be helpful as well.

Additionally, give me any player goals you have. This is especially important if your character’s goals don’t tell the whole story—your character wants to become a famous traveling knight adventurous, but you, as the player, want to play out the conflict as your character is forced to stay home and help out the family. Anything like that, any expectations, comments, or concerns. Fire ‘em off to me.

Character Generation

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