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Motto: Death Upon the Rocks

unofficial motto: The Mountain Endures.


Lord Martin Cahill, 47, unmarried. He has survived 3 wives, NC

Marcus, heir, 20 (Played by Rick)

Owen, 18, (Played by Wade)

Finn, 18, (Played by Jay)

Orianna Cahill, 15, NC

Rosalyn Cahill, sister-in-law to Martin, mother of Tristan, widow of Harwin, NC

Tristan, nephew of Martin, 20, (Played by Colin)

Cordelia Cahill, 17, niece of Martin, sister to Tristan, NC

Lynette Cahill, 14, niece of Martin, sister to Tristan, NC

Meghan Galway, Martin’s younger sister, Lady of house Galway, estranged from the house, NC


Cormac Gorham, Banner Knight, heir of House Gorham (Played by Pat)

Cole Elsdon, 34, Master-at-Arms (NC)

Raynor Storr, 27, Mercenary Captain (NC)

Nyle Rells,—, Steward (NC)

Ennis the Gray, 43, Healer (NC)

Jord Gainne, late 40s, Master of the Hunt [NC]

Alyson, old, cook

House History

First Founding: Windfall ~ 700 BL. (before landing, approx 1,000 years prior to the start of the campaign). A famous ancestor founds the house after being raised to the nobility by his great deeds.

Event 2: Madness ?lord sinks money into a religious cult? Bizarre expeditions? Nothing firm yet.

Event 3: Favor ? nothing yet? Likely favor gained from the exploits of a noteworthy ancestor (in battle, tourney, etc).

Event 4: Treachery- house Cahill allies with various mountain clans in an effort to expand their territory.

Event 5: Madness- Overzealous, fanatically religious lord begins a campaign of aggressive expansion after hearing the voices of the Seven speak to him. He is soundly defeated and eventually overthrown, leaving his house in turmoil.

Event 6: Treachery- Martin’s first wife launches a bloody coup to overthrow Martin’s older brother and place her young son (Martin? Herself?) in charge of the house.

Martin’s Wives:

1st wife, Veronica Prester, known as Veronica – , a lady from a minor house in the Westerlands, responsible for a bloody coup attempt that claimed Aidan, his wife, children, as well as her own life and Lord Martin and her children.

2nd wife, Finola Lyndal, a lady from a minor Dornish house, produced 4 children.

3rd wife, Regane Lowden, from a tiny house in the Riverlands, a marriage for love. Died in childbirth a few years ago.

Deceased House Members

Aidan Cahill, Martin’s older brother. Was Lord Cahill for some time, died in the Cahill Treachery.

Hardwin Cahill, known as the Knight of Jests, Martin’s younger brother.

Recent House Events

A timeline specific to recent events impacting the player characters.

see also Recent Events

253-254: The Cahill Treachery. Death of Aidan Cahill, his wife Selene, and his two children. Also killed are Veronica Prester Cahill and Martin’s young children. Martin becomes lord.

255 Martin Cahill marries Finola Lyndal of Dorne

256 Marcus Born. Tristan born.

257 Cormac Gorham born.

258 Twins, Owen & Finn, born

259-60 War of the Ninepenny Kings

261 Orianna born. Marin named Marshal of the Grey Watches. Campaigns against the mountain clans.

268 – The Year of Thieves. Banditry along the Bay Road is extensive. A council is held at the Sky Bastion, seat of house Torston. Accusations fly between the parties about the ineffectiveness in capturing the bandits and their true allegiances. Martin Cahill and Gedran Daylan nearly come to blows.

Lord Dugal the Swift, leader of the Stone Ghost brigands, is killed by an expedition led by Lord Cahill and Bedwyr Gorham. Lord Cahill claims the mountain lands occupied by the brigands, since he liberated them. He also pardons many of the bandits and takes them into his service. Both actions serve to further angers many lords.

269 – After a series of insults and accusations Ser Hardwin Cahill and Ser Auden Daylan nearly come to blows at a feast during the Tourney at Elling. Demanding satisfaction, the two meet with weapons of war on the lists. Ser Hardwin kills Ser Auden on the second pass.

House Daylan and House Cahill arm for war. A peace is brokered by Ser Lyonel Corbray, where the sons of the two combantants are sent as hostages to other houses, and Ser Hardwin enters a year of exile from the Vale. Tristan Cahill is sent as a ward to

270 – Ser Hardwin, returning to the Mountains of the Moon, is killed and robbed by bandits.

Ser Barclay of house Radley is slain in ambush by bandits months later.

271- Lord Martin Cahill leads an attack into mountains against clans, to prevent more clansmen to rallying to the side of Bloodsky. He is victorious, but is injured in a fall from his horse.

273- Battle of Stranger’s Leap. In the murky light of dusk, Martin and Bedwyr Gorham meet a large force of clansmen under the leadership of the Chieftan Lorak Stoneson at the cliffs known as Stranger’s Leap. A confused melee ensues, and while many clansmen escape, Lorak is killed.

275 – The Battle of the Threads. Leading another raid into clan territory, Lord Martin’s forces are ambushed in sight of the waterfalls known as the Threads. Lord Martin’s forces break out on their third charge, but lord Martin is greivously injured. With their route back to their castle blocked, their retreat becomes a long, winding march through back trails under constant harassment from clansmen. Lord Martin, often delirious with fever, directs the retreat from his litter, urging his few remaining forces westward. The week-long ordeal ends when they link up with forces under his bannerman Bedwyr Gorham.


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