The Grey Watches

January 276

News from Region and Realm

It is January in the 276th year after Aegon’s landing and the fourteenth glorious year of the reign of Aerys II Targaryen.

Heralds and travelers bring news from the near and far…

It is said that the maesters of the Citadel forecast another year of summer.

While the clansmen have not offered a major raid as they did five years ago at Tavinale, the sheer volume of raids has very high as late. The Western Bay Road, from Jevon through Torston seem to be having the most trouble, with even house Daylan reporting quite a few raiders. Many believe that a great raid will come this year, especially after the clans were emboldened by their victory at the Threads.

Pirate raids have fallen off, but not disappeared from the Bay of Shards.

House Harkin is plagued by a group of brigands called the Silent Band operating in the Myric Rush Valley.

Another, smaller, band of thieves calling themselves the Stone Pennies, appear to be operating along the road between Jevon and Gorham, though many claim to have been accosted by this band much further afield. They seem to range in the forested hills to the west of the road. Their leader calls himself Valorous Stone.

There has some trouble along the length of the Bay Road east of the mountains with beggars, refugees, and brigands. Many of these are stragglers and displaced people from the recent battle in South Bay.

There is good news from King’s Landing as Queen Rhaella is with child. All the king’s subjects offer their prayers to the Mother that the child is brought safely into the world. The Queen has not successfully birthed a child since Prince Rhaegar, who will reach his fourteenth nameday this year.

Septon Horace is expected in Hammond’s Teeth any day now. Septon Whitney, who came south across the narrows from Saltstone, has been in town several days, hoping to meet up with the elder traveling Septon.



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