The Grey Watches

Battle of the Begging Brother

March, in the 276th year since Aegon the Conquerer Landed and the 14th Glorious Year of the prosperous and fair reign of Aerys II Targaryen

The Northern Grey watches erupt into full-scale war as the clans sweep down to raid en masse. The lords have rallied to meet them and the first battle has ended in a glorious defeat of the vile clan marauders. Huzzah!

The Battle of the Begging Brother (thus named for the Begging Brother Inn located at the center of the fighting).

The ambush was carefully laid and sprung, though it did attract the majority of Zarkas, son of Tarka’s forces which made the forces on the field even (in terms of units). At first, the raiders had the upper hand, but the arrival of the cavalry units in their pincer movement brought devastating cavalry into the field and Finn Cahill engaged Zarkas in single combat, wounding the clan leader and hampering his effectiveness to command his units. The tide gradually turned to the Cahills, and Finn and Zarkas engaged again, with Zarkas’s fall proving the death knell for his forces.

Result: Decisive Victory for Cahill and Allies

Glory: 2 Glory for House Cahill, 1 each for Daylan, Marsden, and Torston (who contributed units)

Wealth: Loot is minimal, but the wealth put in by each family can be fully recovered.

Clan Leaders

Clan Leader Zarkas, son of Tarka, Killed Torken the Swift, Killed

Deldan of Holn, the Lost Knight, Missing, presumed escaped

Grutha the Badger, Captured Timur Griffin Blood, Captured

Most of the clan units were routed or destroyed. Many clansmen are captured, but many still escape, though not in any form of order.

In game terms, 3 units survive, but due to losses / replacements, their training levels decline. They will not be fit for operations for some time, assuming a leader can properly rally them.

Mountain Clan units: 4 Veteran Raiders -1 Training (Become Trained Raiders) 5 Trained Raiders -1 Training (Become Green Raiders) 2 Green Raiders Destroyed (DESTROYED) 3 Trained Archers -3 Training (DESTROYED) 4 Trained Raiders -2 Training (DESTROYED) 4 Trained Archers -1 Training (Become Green Archers)

The ultimate fate of the Lord’s forces has yet to be determined, though it is likely they will fare much better, perhaps increasing in training. However, even in victory, desertions and casualties can damage units. The Commander (Wade) will assess (roll) the fates of his units on Monday.

Daylan Infantry (Routed) Daylan Mercenaries (No Damage) Torston Scouts (Disorganized) -1 Torston Cavalry (No Damage) Marsden Cavalry (Damaged) Cahill Archers (Damaged) -1

Each unit will roll on the column under the condition in which they ended the battle applying a -1 modifier to the die roll if listed (-1 modifier to roll for each time the unit was disorganized in combat after the first).

Previous to the battle, the PCs intercepted a shipment of weapons headed to the raiders, with the help of the morally flexible Captain Bergo of the Clumsy Dancer. They were able to capture Talanio the Tyroshi, pirate turned clan ally, along with a clan warrior, another Tyroshi, and some mercenaries, member of the mercenary band The Sworn of the Narwhal, were upon some mysterious errand. The captured mercenaries proved to no little in the way of specifics, and after questioning they were ransomed back to the escaped mercenary captain for a handful of GDs (8 in total). A few other notes and things occurred, of which I am sure are of no consequence whatsoever.

In short, it was, aside from Finn getting smashed around quite a bit (though for a good cause) and for Tristan’s unit being routed off the field (in his defense, they were soldiers from house Daylan, whose reputation for martial incompetence rivals the 20th century French) it was a rather excellent showing for house Cahill.

Operations against the vile mountain clans will continue on Monday as Marcus & Cormac’s column under the command of, er, uh, (who, exactly?) marches out to defeat the Blood Born who are itching for a fight.


There aren’t rules for the fates of attached commanders (who are not specifically engaged in character scale combats) so I essentially gave them the fate of their unit. Those units that were destroyed led to a defeated commander. In this case, I figured not all of them would survive their wounds and rolled randomly, thus Torken the Swift was not swift enough. If the unit escaped destruction, then its attached commander escaped (assuming wounds received didn’t overcome him). Unattached commanders (Timur) rolled Survival vs. Owen’s passive Warfare and flubbed the roll horribly and was captured.

Thus endeth the Needless Detail of Methodology entry.



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