The Grey Watches

Battle of Stone Creek

Battle of Stone Creek

Forces under Lord Martin Cahill marched into the Grey Watches seeking battle and were met by several hundred clan maruaders under Lurgis Son of the Mountains, defacto leader of the Bloodsworn. The battle was hard fought, with Marcus Cahill, Cormac Gorham, Ser Delwyn Fald, Othren Stone, and Ser Lyron Marsden present on the field. As the archers from each side concentrated on each other, the infantry units met on either side of the field, in a brutal give-and-take battle.

Marcus Cahill kept the Cahill infantry in the thick of the fighting, his presence keeping the hard pressed unit in the fight, while Cormac Gorham held the right against repeated clan attacks. The outcome of the battle was still in doubt even after the arrival of reinforcements under Owen Cahill, Ser Neil Lorcan, and Tristan Cahill. But leadership and weight of numbers began to turn the tide. Lurgis defeated Othren Stone, but and Raynor Storr delivered the killing blow. Various commanders tried to keep the clan forces in the field, but ultimately they flee in disorder.

It was a brutally fought battle, with high casualties on both sides and few prisoners taken.

Clear Victory for House Cahill

Glory: 3 Glory to house Cahill (Specifically Martin, for commanding)

1 Glory each for house Gorham, 1 Glory for

Wealth: +1 wealth worth of loot was recovered from the battlefield (to the commanding house, in this case Cahill)

Lands: Reclamation of lands is possible without the pressure of clan raids.

-Cahill & Gorham gain +4 lands.

Law: At present, there is no modifier. Deserters and stragglers will offset the decline in raids in the short term. In time (a couple sessions) Gorham and Cahill will get a significant bump in Law.


Lurgis the Bloodsworn, killed by Raynor Storr (and Othren Stone)

Voros the Slayer, killed by Othren Stone

Pak son of Thoros, killed in battle with Gorham infantry

Lydara daughter of Alric, escaped

Hakal Born of Blood, killed by Cormac Gorham

Thurga son of Turth, killed by Delwyn Fald

Horthal son of Horga, escaped, fled w/ remnants of unit

Veteran Raiders Destroyed

Veteran Crusader/Raiders -1 Training, Become Trained

Trained Raiders Destroyed

Trained Raiders -1 Training, Become Green

Green Raiders Destroyed

Trained Archers -1 Training, Become Green

Trained Archers Destroyed

Othren Stone, killed in combat with Lurgis Bloodsworn

All engaged suffered wounds, save Lord Martin and Raynor Storr

Cahill Trained Infantry Destroyed

Cahill Trained Mercenaries Intact

Marsden Trained Archers -1 Training, become Green

Gorham Veteran Infantry -2 Training, become Green

Gorham Trained Archers Destroyed

Gorham Green Guerillas Intact

Daylan Mercenaries Intact

Torston Cavalry -1 Training

As mentioned, prisoner taking was rather sparse, but you have the opportunity to take / interrogate footsoldiers if you want them.

Martin will send intact units in a slow pursuit, largely to burn out any nearby settlements and raiding camps to push the “border” back again and confirm in everybody’s mind who won the battle.

The march back to Cahill is uneventful and despite the victory, the mood is subdued until the castle is reached. Once there, the survivors begin to celebrate, and Martin authorizes a revel to celebrate the victory. Word comes from Jevon that after several skirmishes and a hard-fought battle, the clans in that area have been soundly defeated.

Other news reaches Hammond’s Teeth—House Daylan confirms that they will hold a Regional Tournament in South Bay.

Disturbing news: It is reported that Lord Darklyn of Duskendale is holding King Aerys II prisoner and that the King’s Hand, Tywin Lannister is besieging the city, demanding the King’s return. Rumor has it that Ser Gwayne Gaunt, the King’s bodyguard, was killed in the abduction. Facts on this bizarre story are sparse, but more news is eagerly awaited.



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